Trusted data for real-world AI

Businesses trust Peroptyx to evaluate their machine learning training data and model performance for global markets

Elevate Your User Experience

Launch machine learning powered applications that work in the real world

Data Enhancement

Freeing your internal data science team to focus on the data science is possible by reimagining your approach to data collection, cleansing and curation...

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Model Evaluation

Whether you are seeking to build trust in your transit directions, reduce harmful and offensive content or improve the local relevance of your predictive model...

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The Network is the Community

At Peroptyx, we improve the quality of machine learning model data by connecting it to the most reliable and trustworthy sources of local knowledge and insight.

Our global network of use-case qualified data evaluators is grounded in a culture of data quality, privacy and information security - for transparent governance and regulatory compliance.

Our production platform integrates market-specific contracting, tax, invoicing and payment capabilities, allowing us to rapidly scale the assignment of best-fit evaluators to each use-case.

Expert Evaluators

We don’t have hundreds of thousands of strangers in a crowd. We seek to connect with trusted, valued experts. Like You.

Curating Data

Curating ML training, validation and test data is about applying unique insights and relevant evaluation skills over time.

More Local Meaning

Our data evaluators bring real-world meaning, relevance and authenticity to the model data that drives your user experience.

Technology to Engage

SeriousAs White
SeriousAs White

Export and import your data with confidence using a Zero Trust security model that assures its provenance. 

We calibrate your data with real-world human insight from our qualified evaluators, retained to meet your quality expectations over time.  

You experience visually immersive solution analytics with real-time production insights throughout your MLOps lifecycle.  

A Different Perspective

Our data driven solutions add real-world relevance to your local user experiences.


Boost Your Quality Budget

Our platform integrates the significant administrative overheads associated with traditional global contracting solutions, delivering a competitive boost to your global data quality and model evaluation budgets.

Data Enhancement by Domain Experts

Enhance the quality of your market-specific data using our Data Quality Authenticated™ methodology, built on 15 years’ experience in delivering consistent, high quality results for some of the world’s leading global technology brands. 

Model Evaluation by Qualified Evaluators

Evaluate the results of your consumer facing platforms and services to ensure a consistently relevant user experience. We qualify, educate and retain the best in-country evaluators to accurately reflect your exceptional standards in their work.