Relevant Data. Real-World AI.

Effortlessly ensure your machine learning models work as originally intended, without burdening your internal teams.

For Model Performance as Originally Intended.

With Peroptyx, you get hyper-local teams providing secure data annotation and model evaluation solutions for an AI that reflects your design intentions.

Data Annotation

Freeing your internal data science team to focus on the data science is possible by reimagining your approach to data collection, labelling and curation...

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Model Evaluation

Whether you are seeking to build trust in your transit directions, reduce harmful and offensive content or improve the local relevance of your predictive model...

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Scale Your Deployment.


We annotate your unstructured data with an industry-leading platform and authenticated resources attuned to your use-case requirements.  

You experience real-time performance insights and visually immersive reporting analytics with solutions aligned to quality, budget and growth expectations.

Boost Your Budget.

Boost your data quality and model evaluation budgets with a platform that increases productivity and reduces overhead as your solution grows and scales.  

Data Annotation by Qualified Domain Experts 

We enhance the quality of your data with our Data Quality Authenticated® methodology, built on real-world expertise in delivering consistent, high quality training data.  

Model Evaluation by Hyper-Local Evaluators

We evaluate the performance of market-facing platforms and services to help product owners deliver the most locally relevant user experience. Our in-market evaluators are use-case educated to deliver exceptional feedback and insights. 

Present A Unique Perspective.

Apply solutions that add real-world relevance to the local user experience with your digital platform or service.