Relevant Data. Real-World AI.

Location-based data and evaluation solutions to ensure your machine learning models work as originally intended.

Solutions for a Hyperlocal User Experience

Ensure pinpoint accuracy of your location-based applications and services with a platform that delivers authenticated ground truth data to train, test and validate your model outputs. 

Model Evaluation

Whether you are seeking to build trust in your transit directions, reduce harmful and offensive content or improve the local relevance of your predictive model...

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Data Annotation

Freeing your internal data science team to focus on the data science is possible by reimagining your approach to data collection, labelling and curation...

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Scale Your Locations


Experience effortless location scalability with our certified platform and solutions, tailored to your needs without any complicated integration.

Supercharge your customer experience with a solution that delivers real-world evaluation of user interactions, for personalized outcomes with your ML-powered, location-based applications and services.

Enhance the relevance and accuracy of your model data and outputs with real-world insights from our global community of mapping and geospatial domain-experts.


"Peroptyx has been re-certified ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant by A-LIGN, an ISO certification body accredited by the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board. Learn more"

Shrink Your Overheads

Boost your budget with a platform that elevates productivity and efficiency as you grow and scale.  

Model Evaluation by Location-Based Evaluators

Continuously evaluate your market-facing applications and services to deliver the most locally relevant user experiences. Our in-market evaluators are uniquely positioned to enhance and refresh location-specific data for your specific use-case.

Data Annotation by Qualified Domain Experts 

Enhance the quality and consistency of your model training data with our Data Quality Authenticated® methodology, built on real-world data quality expertise developed over 20 years.

Present A Unique Perspective

Accelerate real-world relevance with your location-based application and services using a solution that spans over 1,600 towns and cities across 26 countries.