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Seeking a flexible work schedule?

A second income perhaps or a rewarding experience to jump start your career?  Are you a student looking to earn as you learn, a retiree looking for a new challenge; a part-time professional or a work from home parent? 

At Peroptyx, understanding your preference is our core tenet. You can plan your days around a highly flexible working schedule, work weekends or late evenings all from the comfort of your own office. The flexibility of our roles minimize the impact on your daily routine.

Register now and earn additional income as a domain-expert in your sector,  growing and developing your technical and general knowledge!

Evaluator Attributes - Key Criteria

Here are some of the key criteria you need to fulfil to be successful in this position.

Resident-In-Market: You are resident in your country for a minimum of the previous past five years.

Bi-lingual: The ability to express yourself fluently both in a verbal and written context in your native language and in English. 

Self-starter: Working remotely requires the self-discipline to stick to a schedule and get work done, despite the distractions of a home or mobile office.

Web-savvy: Being adept at navigating the web, with good research skills to find the right information in a timely way.

Assessment ready: You will need to complete and pass online exams based on customer use-case requirements to qualify as an evaluator.

Please note: We can offer only one position per household.


"Wonderful experience working with the Peropytx team. My onboarding was smooth and all my queries were answered promptly. I am able to understand new concepts and techniques to work on the annotation platform with guidance from Colm. With the team's guidance I am able to deliver my best work."
Uma Srikuma

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