Work Life Balance and Benefits

Freedom to Earn and Learn

Peroptyx represents the freedom to earn and learn on your own terms and in your own way. 

As a member of the Peroptyx community, you are your own boss with flexibility around your schedule and business goals. Peroptyx strives to create a digital atmosphere where qualified experts from every country feel safe and comfortable being themselves while contributing individual assessments, judgements and insights around data. Being a Peroptyx evaluator or data scientist offers a unique opportunity to be part of something bigger - to improve the quality of data for a better online experience or predictive model - so it can have more relevance to you and those around you. 

Peroptyx provides supplemental earning opportunities for experts with a passion for research activities and assignments while creating additional financial independence for themselves. Access to tips, techniques and relevant information is always available to inspire you to produce your best quality work.

With Peroptyx, you are at work and in business for yourself, not by yourself.

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