People in Our Community

Women in our Community

We actively encourage women to apply and join our digital communities. We welcome work-from-home moms, part-time working and retired women alike. We encourage you to sign up and create additional, independent income as a Peroptyx evaluator.

Our working model promotes family life and balance so that you can manage your work schedule around your daily life - all while completing up to 20 hours of weekly tasks and assignments at any time of your choosing. You won’t have to jump through hoops to work out care for a sick family member or schedule personal downtime when it's least convenient. We are proud to promote digital prosperity regardless of location, race, religion, nationality or gender.

Part-time Professionals

Understanding your preferences is a core tenet of Peroptyx community leadership. The flexible nature of working with Peroptyx allows full and part-time workers to plan around a highly flexible work schedule.

Tasks and assignments can be completed at weekends or late evenings to fit in and around your regular work day/week. Our evaluators love being able to combine their 9-5 day job with an entirely different and rewarding experience with Peroptyx.

Seniors and Students

Our digital work-from-anywhere environment creates a more secure way to connect evaluators and data scientists with companies who have a need for better, more reliable data - built on the most relevant feedback and insights from anywhere around the world.

We actively encourage seniors to apply to become qualified evaluators, given the knowledge and experience gained throughout a significant working life. This offers an exciting opportunity to keep your hand in and earn additional income from the comfort and safety of your own space.

As a student, your ability to earn as you learn is possible.

The flexibility of our roles means they won’t impact your class or study time - you can evaluate data or content anytime, day or night. So why not reduce that student loan and treat yourself? In today’s competitive job market, having some relevant work experience can make a positive difference when graduating to a full-time career role.

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