Determine Your Path

The thoughts and actions you take now, in the present, will determine your future. Knowledge is only potential power - true power arises when you take action.

We invite you to join our growing global community at Peroptyx! Share your knowledge and gain new insights together with a like-minded group of local innovators.

Your insights and expertise can improve data quality, model reliability, search results and transit instructions for everyone in your village, town or city.

"Your most important work is always ahead of you, never behind you." - Stephen Covey. 

Impact with Integrity

Our communities are trusted, reliable sources of local knowledge and insight.

Our communities make global impact through their local expertise.

Our communities are bi-lingual (native language & English) representing the best qualified people in their village, town or city - and are never assigned across competing projects or programs. 

Our communities are exclusively assigned to their customer solution, minimizing 'crossover bias creep' from other potentially disruptive sources in their judgements, assessments and feedback. 

Life-Balanced Work

Our assumptions and habits around work can become deep-rooted unless we take a step back once in a while. It can be easy to normalise long working hours or being under sustained pressure, especially if it’s been going on for a long time.

Is it time to re-prioritize? What needs to change? Is it time for a healthier work-life balance, where meeting your deadlines at work and having time for friends and family is normal?

Avoid long commutes when you exclusively work from your home office or mobile.

With Peroptyx, flexible hours are your priority. 

Join Our Global Community.

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