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Your Way. Your How.

Freedom to Earn and Learn

Peroptyx offers a unique opportunity to be part of something bigger - from improving the quality of training data that transforms a local user experience to working on improving the relevance of the most widely used online services.

Peroptyx provides supplemental earning opportunities for domain-experts with a passion for research activities and assignments while creating additional financial independence for themselves.

Access to tips, techniques and relevant information is always available to inspire you to produce your best quality work.

With Peroptyx, you are at work and in business for yourself, not by yourself.

The Benefits

We encourage you to reimagine your working day, giving yourself the flexibility to optimize your time in a way that reflects how you live.

•   Work up to 20 hours per week 

•   Earn a competitive rate of pay 

•   Develop your research skills

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We are proud to promote digital prosperity - always inclusive of location, race, religion, nationality and gender.

Our Approach to Compensation

Our communities are paid competitive rates of pay for completed tasks and assignments. They are paid to an agreed schedule and are rewarded fairly for the quality of their work.

Our communities have full ownership over their personal data - it is never monetized. 

Decisions we make affecting community compensation will be clearly explained and easy to understand.  If there are individual concerns they will always be heard. Equality and respect is assured in the approach we take with our communities.

Terms and conditions are transparent, concise, up to date and are always available on the Peroptyx community portal. 

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