Our Team.

Experienced Expertise

Our leadership comprises of internet pioneers, software engineers, retail innovators and technologists. 

Our experience in co-inventing with customers to help solve some of the most challenging data quality problems of the last decade means we bring a unique blend of foresight and humility to every engagement, with customer success driving every decision. 

Our leadership culture is shaped by formative experiences at Abbott, Apple, Accenture, Intel, Microsoft, the US National Science Foundation and the UK Government.

Paul McBride

Managing Director

Following formative years on the Windows development team at Microsoft, Paul spent two decades serving the world's global technology brands on their mission to improve the local relevance of their online products and services.

Maeve Bleahene

Head of Operations

Maeve experienced ‘crowning the customer' with one of Ireland's most successful entrepreneurs. She then applied those insights to sourcing and scaling teams in over 130 countries, serving leading global consumer technology brands.

Pat Jones

Head of IT

Pat brings his life sciences domain expertise from Abbott, applying the values of medical device cybersecurity, data integrity and zero trust to Peroptyx solutions, infrastructure and global productivity platforms. In his spare time he scales our global identity, simulator, and LLM infrastructure.

Colm Harte

Head of Data Science

Colm's first data science role at Paddy Power was an opportunity to develop the industry's first problem gambling algorithm. His subsequent experience in banking and finance in Asia ensures Peroptyx brings a sharp focus on delivering high quality solutions for our customers.

David O’Sullivan

Head of Finance

Dave's early experience with Intel as they scaled their operations in Ireland coupled with a professional background in forensic accounting and law ensures Peroptyx is due diligence ready, focused on scale, and prepared to deliver a competitive return on investment.

Dr. Dennis Jennings


Internet Pioneer, successful early stage VC, mentor and company chairman; Dennis brings significant governance, guidance and foresight to Peroptyx as it grows and scales.

A Word From The Founders

Our vision is to be the place where brands build trust in their machine learning models and data.

When we founded the company, we had a fifteen year head start on understanding the direction that data might bring Machine Learning and AI. Throughout the first two decades of the 21st century, we served some of the leading global technology brands who are data driven to their core, and helped pioneer new ways of doing things to achieve many significant objectives for their platforms. 

For the coming decade, we believe we are once again in the early stages of the next major technological revolution. While many talk about the promise of AI, and it is an exciting promise, our focus is purely on improving the machine learning data and models that will determine whether and how AI reaches its true potential. 

The 'early internet' celebrated its 35th birthday in 2020. Our Chairman played an important role in laying the foundations of the NSFNET along with a select group of Internet Pioneers. At Peroptyx, we are pioneering new ways of optimizing the data and models that are powering the next wave of technology driven progress and digital transformation. 

We look forward to welcoming you on the journey.

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