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Industry-leading innovations integrate effortlessly into our platform and workflows. You get exceptional solutions and value for your Machine Learning implementation.

logo full white Data Annotation

We deploy Labelbox for data science project managers and teams who need better training data from specialist, qualified or domain-expert resources.

We combine our data quality control and assurance methodology with technical innovations in annotation and labelling from Labelbox to deliver a solution that meets the most demanding quality and domain-specific requirements.

databricks logo white III Machine Learning

Better quality training data depends on deep contextual understanding of its impact on the ML model lifecycle, from experimentation to production.

Databricks empower us to innovate best practice for our Data Quality Authenticated® methodology, resulting in better quality domain-specific training data for your Data Science team.

LearnUpon NewImage3 Human Learning

Whether use-case or domain-expert, education quality is at the core of our data annotation and model evaluation solutions. We deploy LearnUpon because it meets our requirement for scalable, self-service, personalized education.

Recognised as a G2 leader based on feedback from real users, LearnUpon allows us to build causal relationships between relevant knowledge and high quality. Your data and model outcomes are measurably better as a result. 

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