For a more relevant, real-world application experience.
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Unlock more value from your ML systems and data with a solution that improves in-market relevance for your product or service.         

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Our program management led engagement approach incorporates industry-leading platforms and tools to deliver world-class data annotation and human evaluation solutions at scale.

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The quality of your results is assured with a structured methodology proven to deliver measurable improvements for your ML use-case or application.

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On-demand business intelligence gives you real-time solution oversight with insight, so you’re always on top of your data quality and model performance objectives.

Model Evaluation

Our Model Evaluation solution is designed to help teams with responsibility for ensuring exceptional levels of local market performance with their global platform or service.

Solution benefits include:

  • Improving the safety, accuracy and location intelligence of online maps.
  • Addressing harmful content on consumer facing platforms. 
  • Transforming the comprehension of native speech by smart devices.
  • Personalizing the relevance of online content, advertising and search results.    
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance with comprehensive audit and security features. 

Contact us to learn more about how we can design and deploy an evaluation solution that helps you deliver a more relevant and personalized engagement experience with your platform or service across global markets.


"Peroptyx has the people, platform and domain-expertise we need to get great quality data and insights without having to tie up our expensive internal resources."
Mark McCann, Managing Director.


"Powered by Microsoft cloud technologies and the very latest in Machine Learning solutions, Peroptyx turns data into business performance. Your teams get access to real-time insights, tailored to your unique business needs."

Data Annotation

We ensure your training data is expertly annotated so you can confidently calibrate your model outputs to meet the real-world needs of your business and customers. 

Our annotation teams are assessed for domain expertise in your use-case prior to assignment, allowing us to focus on attention to detail, guideline compliance, and results that reduce your data preparation and data engineering costs throughout your deployment lifecycle. 

You benefit from great quality data driven by a unique quality assurance methodology and an industry-leading annotation platform that delivers a better RoI from your ML deployment. 

Contact us today to learn more about building an outsourced data annotation solution that accelerates your ML model performance across all markets. 

Data Quality Authenticated®

Training data quality determines the performance of your ML model. Human evaluation of your model output determines the user experience with your AI.

Our solutions incorporate industry-leading data annotation and performance management tools; with integrated education, quality measurement and reporting analytics to optimize your solution results.

Data Quality Authenticated represents best practice with insight, fine-tuned with experience gained from working with global leaders in AI/ML. Tell us about your use case and we'll get started on optimizing your machine learning training data, and help you deploy models that work as originally intended.

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