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Women in our Community

We actively encourage women to apply and join our digital communities...

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Part-time Professionals

The flexible nature of working with Peroptyx allows full and part-time professionals to participate...

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Seniors and Students

Our digital platform creates a secure way to bring experienced skills and fresh insights...

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Evaluator Opportunities

Our community of evaluators and data scientists come from all walks of life, with their own stories. Find out what life is like as a Peroptyx evaluator by clicking here or take a look at some of our real-life inside stories below.

One of Us

I recently moved to a new area and with the editorial skills I had, I wanted to add some part-time income with flexible assignments.

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Ready for Next

As I edged closer to retirement, my skills as an analyst were as valuable as ever. The evaluator role is perfect because it allows me to work…

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Designed for You

As much as you adore your family, sometimes you need something else to look forward to, a role that is designed for you.

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