Impact with Integrity

Trusted Sources: Our people are trusted, reliable sources of local knowledge and insight. They make global impact through their local expertise. Peroptyx evaluators are bi-lingual (their native language & English) representing the best qualified people in their village, town or city. Our evaluators are never assigned across competing brands.

Exclusive Assignment: Our communities are fully focused on their assigned customer solution, to minimize 'crossover bias creep' from potentially disruptive sources in their judgements, assessments and feedback. 

Personalized Learning and Development: We continuously develop our communities to ensure better quality solutions and outcomes for our customers. Our technology platform and tools drive a level of engagement that helps retain top performing talent. Having a holistic approach to learning that combines formal, social and experiential methods fuels a thirst for knowledge that keeps our community connected to its mission and purpose.

Confidence and Authority: Our learning environment is powered by artificial intelligence, where the personalization of each learning journey leads to better quality results. Our approach adds use-case knowledge requirements to current understanding of the conceptual frameworks required to succeed. We place significant importance on impartiality because it leads to superior quality results from evaluators and data scientists who work with greater authoritativeness.

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