Evaluator Attributes

Key Criteria

Here are some of the key criteria to be successful in this position.

Resident-In-Market: You are resident in your country for at least the past five years.

Multilingual: Your language skills are critically important as you articulate feedback and insights from your local market into English. The ability to express yourself fluently in either language (or more, if you speak more than two languages!) is one of your most important attributes. 

Self-starter: Working remotely requires the self-discipline to stick to a schedule and get work done, despite the distractions of a home or mobile office.

Critical thinker: The ability to analyze information and assess its relevance or significance is the central component of a competent evaluator.

Web-savvy: Being adept at navigating the web, with good research skills to find the right information in a timely way.

Assignment focused: You will need to commit to working up to 20 hours a week at any time of your choosing.

Assessment ready: You will need to complete and pass online exams based on customer use-case requirements to qualify as an evaluator.

We are generally unable to offer more than one evaluator position per household.

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