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As much as you adore your family, sometimes you need something else to look forward to, a role that is designed for you.

Even if being a mother is your priority, being able to ignite your own goals and ambitions is always possible.

I decided to stop working full-time after having my first child Mia because I wanted to prioritize my time with her. The cost of childcare, daily expenses and rush hour traffic ate into my paycheck, which helped confirm my decision to stay at home. I had worked in banking after graduating with a finance degree, but the part-time salary was not lucrative enough on its own to warrant the additional expense of travelling to the office and paying for childcare.  

However over time I started to miss a personal income. I felt like I was short-changing myself and those who had invested in me professionally as I dedicated all my time to my family.

I started to miss the interaction and engagement with work colleagues from different backgrounds. I started to dread the thought of diminished prospects of employment in years to come. If I wanted to return to an office job after the kids headed off to school, my resume would have a gap in it, so based on some recommendations I decided to apply to Peroptyx for one of their advertised work-at-home evaluator positions.

After successfully qualifying as an evaluator and becoming familiar with the Peroptyx team, I was delighted to start working again. 

With Peroptyx I can work anytime I want. I have found it helpful to make sure I have time to work in a structure that suits me. Both children and adults alike thrive on routines so it is important to set out a structure that allows me to get all of my work done for the day, and get my focused family time in too. I also make sure there is plenty of research time!

I love the regular interaction with the Peroptyx team when I need help or have questions. I enjoy seeing what’s happening with the evaluator community through the platform and newsletters. The sense of social isolation and missing a conversation at the water cooler has completely disappeared!

The work itself ensures that I am up to date with current affairs and abreast of banking news. What's going on in my region tests my research capabilities and ensures my feedback is insightful and of a higher standard. I’ve recovered that sense of subject authoritativeness that I really missed. This has made it easier to stay sharp and relevant in my field. 

I feel like my work is contributing to making data more accurate, which ultimately contributes to smarter AI for a future where my children ultimately benefit.  

I feel that while working with Peroptyx I'll always be able to say I was there for baby's firsts. No need for Zoom/Skype or daycare cams to see what my children are doing. I've been there, literally, every step of the way. 

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