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I recently moved to a new area and with the editorial skills I had, I wanted to add some part-time income with flexible assignments.

I checked with my employer on what the company’s policy of working on such side jobs was in case my contract restricted me from accepting freelance work outside of the company. There was no conflict and so I started to search the web for suitable positions that ticked all of my personal criteria. Although my most recent experience was in digital media, my academic background was in computer science. I was ideally looking for recurring work between 15-20 hours per week where I was going to be contributing in some meaningful way. 

I decided to look at industry-related forums, to understand the concerns people had in their particular industry. When I started reading about Peroptyx on their site and other media, I loved the idea that I could help contribute to improving machine learning data and models. I was intrigued to find out more.  

I applied and 8 days later I was a qualified evaluator, ready to take on tasks and assignments! The recruiting and on-boarding experience was straightforward and I felt it allowed me to showcase my qualifications and relevant experience. I had a sense of security in that they validated everything with transparency and fairness. Overall, it was a cool user experience, very straightforward with one set of credentials that allows me full access and control of my Peroptyx evaluator profile.  

It’s been crucial for me to have a dedicated area for work even when I’m in a place where space is tight. In such cases, I always make sure I take care of my mental and physical health, leaving sufficient time for meals, sleep, exercise, and leisure time with friends and family. 

You know when you are most productive, so schedule your day around your most productive time. For me, it's about listening to my favourite music playing in the background when nobody is there to disagree with my choices!

I love working with the Peroptyx online platform and especially with the team that leads their interactive webinars. Even though we are all working remotely, I enjoy the dynamic learning environment and knowledge pathways. I love the fact that there is real community integrity and I get a sense of being a part of something much bigger, knowing that when tasks are dropped into my workbox, other evaluators are getting connected, logging on, lighting up in synchronicity and getting some serious work done. 

I have managed to achieve a decent work-life balance, earning more than I did previously and enjoying both roles. I love the flexibility of the Peroptyx assignments - to have the time to get to know new people in my locality and develop an active interest in the cultural aspects of where I live. Knowing what is going on around me evolves naturally and effortlessly into work that I now get paid for!

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