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As I edged closer to retirement, my skills as an analyst were as valuable as ever. The evaluator role is perfect because it allows me to work...

...on the usefulness and relevance of ever changing algorithms. These tasks form part of projects that Peroptyx make available on my desktop and my mobile devices every day. Tasks can typically range from data curation and voice recognition to image labelling, personalization features to validating locations for digital maps. A practical example could be, let’s say, checking that an audio file has been transcribed correctly, while others solicit feedback on the behavior of various transit directions in my locality.

The beauty about this role is that I can choose which assignments and tasks I want to work on and those that I want to forego. I generally work 2-3 hours every day although I tend to skip some Fridays, depending on what's on for me personally.

I love the flexibility of the role - I can work whenever I want and from wherever I want. I generally like to get some tasks completed on Saturday mornings over a coffee before I meet friends in town.

I feel like I am contributing in a small but significant way to the future of AI by providing honest, coherent insights and feedback that help develop and maintain machine learning models for AI whilst working within the Peroptyx quality framework. The economic disruption of recent months has been unprecedented in my lifetime, especially in its speed, upsetting supply lines, temporarily closing retail stores and changing online consumer behaviours.

This disruption has impacted some machine learning models because the assumptions made for the models no longer hold. Concepts such as 'relevance drift' and 'data drift' are part of my everyday role, and understanding how and why machine learning models underperform in the face of drift is a key part of my job. The effects of drift will be felt for some time - the models will need to be adjusted and the training data refreshed more often, just to maintain performance.

My work at Peroptyx helps improve and optimize machine learning models. Through my skills as an analyst, my local experience & insights and those of the global network of evaluators and data scientists that I work with, is key to providing valued feedback to Peroptyx customers.

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