What Makes Us Unique?

Our Evaluators and Data Scientists

When we re-imagined our approach to delivering the highest quality results at global scale, we drew on almost two decades of industry experience working for some of the most successful data-driven global technology brands.

Trusted: Our people are diverse, trusted and reliable sources of local knowledge and insight. They deliver a global impact through their local expertise. Peroptyx evaluators are bi-lingual (fluent in their native language and English) and as qualified evaluators, they represent the best in their village, town or city.

Evaluators are never assigned across competing projects or brands. They are focused on the customer assignment to hand. This ensures there is no cross-over bias in their data evaluation activities. Our productivity platform drives engagement that allows us to build a loyal community of top data evaluator and scientific talent for each customer. We take a holistic approach to learning and education that combines the formal, social and experimental.

Knowledgeable: The learning experiences we design generate overwhelmingly positive feedback from both customers and communities alike. This is because it results in better quality training data and more reliable models over the long-term.

Our educational mission at Peroptyx is to create an environment that leads to superior data quality from evaluators and scientists, who work with greater authority.

Personalized: Our community education tools are powered by an AI that delivers the right level of personalization for each individual's learning journey. We believe that better quality starts with personalized education pathways designed to make conceptual frameworks and practical guidelines more accessible and easier to understand, resulting in increased impartiality and better quality decision-making. 

Recognized: We constantly experiment with ideas to improve the quality of our results. We ensure these ideas are rigorously tested through continuous assessment, collaboration with our customers and through community feedback. Our evaluators and data scientists are recognized and rewarded for quality, productivity and performance improvements that result in a better user experience.

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