We'll help you deliver more relevant, real-world user experiences with your data driven platforms and services

For a Better Return on Investment

Our solutions are designed for data driven enterprises generating growth and value from unique user experiences, driven by machine learning data and models calibrated with local human feedback and expert insight.

How it Works

Our solutions are designed to deliver the most relevant in-market user experiences with your digital platforms and services.

Our platform provides a secure, data privacy compliant solution to address your internal resource constraints while reducing the data preparation and model evaluation costs associated with delivering real-world, revenue generating user experiences.

Real-time business intelligence provides solution oversight with insight, to ensure it meets your market specific data quality, data refresh and model evaluation requirements.

Data Enhancement

From speech snippet collection to voice transcription, from text annotation to image classification, Peroptyx has the know-how to ensure your data is appropriately curated and your model calibrated to the real-world needs of your users. 

Freeing your internal data science team to focus on higher value-add tasks while lowering costs is possible by outsourcing your data collection and curation tasks. You will experience the confidence of working with a partner who brings the relevant know-how to this essential component of model deployment. 

Model Evaluation

Whether you are seeking to improve the safety and location intelligence of online directions, reduce the harm of user generated or syndicated content, the comprehension of the spoken word in written form, the relevance of online search results or the personalization of online advertising in a secure, data privacy compliant way.

Our Local Relevance solution delivers outcomes that result in a better online experience for your local customers on every device, in every location.

Model Design and Optimization

Ensuring your data and model assumptions remain accurate and reliable after they enter production requires a unique combination of people, technology and deep domain expertise. 

Our data science and quality control teams have decades-long experience in building global, scalable, data quality control and assurance solutions. Our data security culture has been shaped by experience in working with and for many of the world’s leading information technology, financial services and healthcare enterprises. 

Our platform is designed to scale and engage the expert resources required to maintain the performance of your models, minimize relevance drift and to ensure the value delivered by model predictions increases over time. 

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