Applied Insights

Quality starts with sourcing the best people to ensure the best solution deployment outcomes.

Culture: We express our community culture as being a “true culture of quality”. We have created an environment in which customer teams independently follow task and assignment guidelines with a high degree of fidelity and in doing so experience quality-focused actions and decisions that create a feel for quality in every interaction.

We work hard to make sure there isn't a gap between what we say and what we do, so there are no mixed messages. We are clear in terms of our expectations around quality of work product, as well as listening carefully to what our communities say and expect from us so that we don’t fall short on our commitments.

Common Sense: At Peroptyx, evaluators and data scientists are committed to our belief that The Future of Data is Human. Their work teaches machines to navigate the world using the common language of common sense — to understand everyday objects and actions, to communicate naturally, to handle unforeseen situations, to continually learn from experience. Our communities complete tasks and assignments within pre-defined quality frameworks, each reflecting customer requirements and expectations for their unique machine learning models and training data.

Focus: Our focus on combining both computer and social science approaches to getting work done at local and global scale ensures the end result meets expectations and always results in 'better'.  

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