The Future of Personal Data is Private.

With Peroptyx, your privacy and that of your personal data always comes first.

Privacy by Design

Promotion: Peroptyx promotes a privacy-conscious culture by embedding privacy thinking into all aspects of the business. This focus on privacy by design prior to new systems and processes being released ensures a sustainable, privacy-compliant environment. With that in mind, Peroptyx ensures the collection, sharing and protection of data is appropriate, transparent and preserves and protects the integrity, confidentiality & availability of customer, individual evaluator and collective community data.

Practice: Peroptyx practices the data privacy principle of data minimization, where personal data shall be adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which it is processed. Peroptyx continually develops features that make managing personal data even easier; be it a request for an update, an amendment, or simply deleting personal data from Peroptyx systems. 

To stay ahead of the curve regarding privacy regulations, Peroptyx integrates the broadest global reach of international and cross-border data privacy expertise into all aspects of its business - in keeping with company focus and value of integrity and trust in data.

Peroptyx works with engineering, product, security and legal teams to keep its data privacy and security in line with the GPDR (EU/EEA), CCPA (California), LGPD (Brazil), APEC Privacy Framework and national data privacy legislation.

Peroptyx always and actively seeks new and innovative ways to enhance the safeguards put in place to protect the data entrusted to the company. 

Audit: The effectiveness and appropriateness of privacy practices are routinely and systematically audited. Procedures and systems are regularly reviewed to ensure they remain effective and appropriate at all times. While Peroptyx always endeavors to manage data privacy responsibly, there may be exceptional circumstances where it may not be possible.

If you see or experience such a moment, please get in touch as soon as possible at

Peroptyx will uphold its promise to respond with a solution, or a timeline for a solution, within 24 hours.