Scaling Customer Satisfaction.

Why The Future of Data is Human

Is it possible to accelerate machine learning deployments without compromising model performance? Can model performance in production be monitored to ensure predictions are not losing relevance or developing unintended bias? 

These are some of the questions we have addressed over the past 15 years and the resulting experience has crystallized our belief that The Future of Data is Human. 

We believe that only through the successful deployment of use-case qualified human evaluation teams can companies truly ensure their models perform accurately and remain reliable over time.

Our Culture

'What we do is who we are' best describes our customer service focused culture. 

We are expected to anticipate what's next, to be prepared with well researched answers and alternatives, to clearly articulate how we will deliver a satisfying result, and to do it with creativity and tenacity.

We are consultative in conversation, quantitative in expectation and flawless in execution.

This is our character, personality and culture.

We are Challengers.

Our spirit of adventure inspires us to creatively challenge the status quo and explore new ways of delivering ‘better’. We only succeed in doing this together.

We are Principled.

We believe in privacy, accountability, clear communications and trust. And we’re always open and upfront to ensure we deliver to the highest standards.

People Come First.

We know the value of our people. Our success in business and that of our customers depends on their best work. Together, we are a formidable force.

The Experience is Everything.

Every individual’s experience is unique; whether a customer, an evaluator, a partner or an employee. We respect what makes it so.

Our Social Mission

There are 466 million people in the world today who have a disabling hearing loss. By 2050, 1 in every 10 people will have a disabling hearing loss. There are approximately 6 million people who are considered profoundly deaf and who can only communicate through sign language or other alternative methods.

Today, voice assistants struggle to hear in real-world, noisy environments which can create significant communication and comprehension challenges for the hearing and speech impaired.

Our social mission at Peroptyx is to build communities that can accurately evaluate and curate speech data, for applications and services that meet the needs of people with hearing loss or with difficulty deciphering speech from lip movements.

We are proud to be promoting and partnering with:

Chime: Founded in 1964, Chime pursues its vision for a society with no limits or barriers for anyone living with deafness or hearing loss. 

Its mission is to limit the impact of deafness and hearing loss through promoting accessibility, creating supportive communities, and enabling personal choice and community participation.

Liopa: Founded in 2015, Liopa is commercializing over 10 years of research in the field of Speech and Image processing with particular focus on the fusion of Speech and Lip movements for robust speech recognition in real-world environments.

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