The Company.

Swarm Intelligence.

About Peroptyx

The Future of Data is Human®

This belief drives us in our mission to deliver the most relevant data quality and model evaluation solutions for machine learning, built around secure connections to the most reliable sources of local knowledge and insight around the world.

We are Co-Inventors.

Focused on Privacy.

Obsessed with Quality. 


Why Peroptyx?

We know how to design and deliver the most relevant data quality and model evaluation solutions for machine learning.

Our customer engagement experience delivers immersive insights into the production and performance of gold standard machine learning training data and models to ensure they are Data Quality Authenticated®


Working at Peroptyx

We are focused on bringing exceptional people into our team, people who enjoy pushing themselves to perform at the highest levels every day while doing the right thing along the way.

To us, doing the right thing means being up front and acting with integrity at all times - to strengthen a culture that is built upon a foundation of privacy, accountability, clear communications and trust.                       

An Energetic Work Environment.

If you like solving problems, learning new skills, working with teams to address customer challenges that initially appear daunting, then you'll love working with us. 

We have been working at home, on the move and in the office for over a decade. Maintaining positive energy and momentum across changing working environments is second nature to us. It will be for you, too.

Our Social Purpose.

Relevant AI for the Deaf and Speech Impaired.
Over the coming decade, as the digital world shifts from keyboard to speech and video based communications methods, many benefits of the current computing paradigm will diminish both for people with a disabling hearing loss and for those who are unable to effectively decipher speech from lip movements. 
To address this, we are promoting and partnering with two leading organisations in their respective fields to develop new ways of creating a more relevant and responsive AI. 

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