Serious About Security

Designed around core principles of privacy, security and zero trust, Peroptyx infrastructure sets a new gold standard for data security and provenance.

Trust by Design
Peroptyx has developed its external security policy for the purpose of illustrating how its security principles help protect and secure data of all types, from all sources. Peroptyx is committed to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data it holds and will protect and safeguard the information entrusted to it from loss, misuse, unintentional alteration, or unauthorized disclosure.

Information Systems Security
The systems used to protect and store data are all designed for compliance with the existing GDPR, CCPA and APEC Privacy Frameworks (and Brazil's LGPD when it is published in law). The influence which these regulatory frameworks have on systems design – given their comprehensive nature - helps Peroptyx ensure the data it manages is secured to the highest standard. All Personally Identifiable Information held and stored within infrastructure encrypted using reliable and trustworthy encryption techniques.

Transmission of Data
A GDPR compliant data transfer solution protects data subjects’ information transfer as well as transfer of datasets to and from customer systems. Data governance and its integrity is further underpinned by an auditing engine which captures and stores a detailed record of each transfer event.

Protection of Information Assets 
An organizational cybersecurity plan utilizes several security measures and controls designed to protect and secure all information assets. These include the application of the principle of least privilege, context aware security, and centrally managed threat defence systems. There is also a strong focus on cybersecurity awareness and internal training programs are designed to equip Peroptyx employees with best-in-class cyber defence practices.  

In the face of a continuously evolving threat landscape, along with regular advisories provided by security partners, Peroptyx cybersecurity controls are regularly reviewed to ensure their continued efficacy. Peroptyx does not sell or monetize personal information in any way.

Security Assessments
As part of its program for information security, Peroptyx performs both planned and ad-hoc security assessments across its infrastructure. Assessments are conducted on a regular basis, helping to ensure cybersecurity defences remain optimized against latest known threats.

Peroptyx continuously acquires and acts on any new information that identifies a cybersecurity risk, immediately remediating any vulnerabilities which are discovered.

Retention of Personal Data
Peroptyx will retain personal data for as long as needed or permitted in light of the purpose(s) for which it was obtained and as outlined in the Peroptyx privacy policy.