Engaging with us

Ensure Your Product Lands Locally

Our solutions are designed for data-driven, consumer focused enterprises seeking to accelerate growth and value from their machine learning data and models.

Whether you are growing locally or expanding into global markets, our experience in partnering with some of the most successful data-driven global brands allows us to bring a fresh and value-focused perspective to each engagement. 

We demonstrate how your return on investment grows throughout the lifecycle of your data and model - as you use and reuse our quality control and assurance infrastructure to deliver an elevated customer experience. 

Experience A Personalized Solution

We'll walk through your requirements to design a solution. We promise the process will be consultative, informative and focused on the most efficient use of your time. 

Your solution will summarize key requirements, insights, budget and stepping stones to solution delivery.   

Whether it's with Finance, IT, Procurement or Business, we have the experience to engage with your stakeholders and progress our conversation to a satisfactory conclusion. 

Expect Better


Data quality has a direct impact on your model’s performance in the real world. The quality and relevance of our solution proposal has a direct impact on your decision to work with us. We ensure both are at the highest level.


With a use-case qualified data enhancement or model evaluation team in place, you will be confident in the local relevance of your platform or service experience while achieving shorter data refresh and model deployment timeframes.


It matters that you know who is enhancing your data or evaluating your models. Our platform delivers real-time, real-world insights into your solution as it develops, so your global products land locally in the way you always intended.

Let’s Get Started

Tell us about your use case, and we’ll assemble the team.