More Insight, Less Bias

Build real-world confidence in your ML model performance

From Real-World, Human Intelligence

Our global network of qualified data evaluators and scientists is grounded in a culture of use-case learning, data privacy and information security.

Your machine learning training data and models benefit from local expertise that minimizes the impact of unexpected bias.

An integrated platform and approach to governance helps you deliver a consistent and compliant user experience with your AI across all global markets.  



Our platform has been designed to accelerate operational scale and assure device, evaluator and data integrity.

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Peroptyx partners with leading global firms to ensure best practice governance is applied throughout its business process.

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Quality starts with sourcing the best people to deliver solutions that result in better quality training data and models.

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Focused on Better

Our human evaluation solutions for machine learning training data have been designed to deliver:

Local Relevance

Whether you are seeking to improve the location intelligence of online directions, the safety of user generated content...

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Machine Intelligence

Freeing internal data science resources to focus on the data science is possible by outsourcing your data curation activities...

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Model Optimization

Ensuring your data and model in production remain accurate and reliable requires a unique combination of people, technology and experience...

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Approach to Pricing


Our pricing models reflect the most common use-case requirements: 




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